Activities 1 January 1970

The resources and activities that are available for the children are carefully planned based on the staff's knowledge of the children's interests and needs. Staff follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and regularly assess each child's learning.

Parent's input into their children's learning, while at Pre-School and at home, is actively sought and encouraged.

The Pre-school has recently changed the way the sessions are planned. We are currently moving away from 'themes' and are now using a system known as 'in the moment planning'. This essentially involves documenting and evaluating what the children have learnt through quality interactions with adults and their peers. The staff follow the child's lead and extending their learning is done as the play happens, rather than planning something for the child to do the following day.

Each week, there is a focus child from each keygroup. Extensive observations are carried out on these children during this week and quality interactions take place in the child's chosen activity, in order for the staff members to build up a true picture of each child and how they learn. Any areas for development are recorded, along with the child's 'wow' moments and any observed areas of interests that the child may have. These in turn help the staff members to focus more clearly on the needs of each individual child.

Children's observations are recorded on an online system called Tapestry, which parents have their own log in for. Parents are actively encouraged to upload photos of things their children do at home that they would like to share with the preschool.